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Texter av Love Story Album Review
by Psyqonaut

Track 1 Outer Space:
Really hated this one at first but it has grown on me a little bit on further listens. Yela’s flow is super intense and it’s giving me some Rage Against The Machine vibes, kind of like a southern Zach De La Rocha. The instrumental itself is pretty nice with a chaotic sound coming out of it. The weird robotic voice change at the end was kind of cool. Kinda thought the opening skit was kind of useless but oh well

Track 2 Change:
Absolutely love the beat on here and Yela’s flow is so smooth and matches the beat great. He sings the hook great and the backing vocals by the woman sounds pretty awesome added into the backdrop. 3rd verse was pretty nice too with him ragging on the industry a bit. The robot voice this time around sort of takes me out of the song a bit though

Track 3 American You:
A great pre-release song that holds up well on the album. He really does have a great singing voice, and this song showcases that talent extremely great. This is a great hybrid with some minor rapping thrown in over a lot of dope singing, especially in the third verse. Yelawolf pulled this off without trying to sound poppy or radio friendly

Track 4 Whiskey In a Bottle:
Another amazing song that I really fucked with when it was released before the album. Still sounds great and is pretty awesome in the continuity of the album. The hook is absolutely amazing, even the lalalalala part which I actually enjoy. The beat has a droning feel to it which I think is awesome and his flow matches up great too

Track 5 Ball and Chain Interlude:
Honestly usually when I see the words “interlude” I’m expecing a cringe worth skit, but instead Yela gave us a short but sweet dope little singing piece that is actually pretty damn good

Track 6 Till It’s Gone:
My favorite pre-release song as well as what I think is Yela’s best rap song to date. The instrumental is a perfect mix of country guitar and etherial rap in the background. Wolf also has such an intense flow as well as nice lyrics makes this a super dope song

Track 7 Devil In My Veins:
The best pure singing song on the project easily. Yela’s vocals are really haunting and kind of give you a depressing feeling when he goes on and on. Not gonna lie I cried the other day listening to this, don’t know why exactly, but I just felt something well up and then the tears started coming out. Doesn’t usually happen so props to Yelawolf for getting that reaction out of me. The instrumental is also A+ awesome

Track 8 Best Friend:
After a string of great songs this joint which should have been amazing got completely ruined by Eminem. Em literally used the worst flow possible for this song plus some really cringeworthy lyrics to top it off. He single handedly derailed the song. I wish Yelawolf would have taken this song solo or got Big KRIT on it because Yela had some amazing singing on the hook and nice verses. Sigh…..what could have been

Track 9 Empty Bottles:
Another absolutely amazing song with a great instrumental and what has now became typically amazing singing from Wolf. He has a great slower rapping style on this song and the best way to describe this joint is that it has a slower vibe that still manages to feel really sinister. Really dope shit

Track 10 Heartbreak:
I liked the piano beat which idk why but it sounded like a more interesting version of Same Love. The instrumental does grow on you a lot as goes on and Yela’s rapping while subdued still sounds very great on this song. The hook is one of the best on the album imo and it makes this song that much better. This is one of those joints that will grown on you more and more

Track 11 Tennessee Love:
Yes this song has been around forever, but it fits perfectly on this project. It still sounds good and actually sounds even better once you have gotten used to the half singing half rapping that is all over this project. A great vibing out song that has only improved its quality on my ears

Track 12 Box Chevy V:
This would sound great on any of his Trunk Muzik tapes, but this sound really out of place on this album. The instrumental is decent but like I said it sounds strange to show up on this album. This also isn’t his best song from the box chevy series. It sounds better in the second half when there is more guitars to get the more country feeling to it. Not a bad song, but I wish he would have put it on a different project

Track 13 Love Story:
Another song on here that I didn’t think was all that great at first, but completely grew on me. This might lowkey be one of his best rapping performances on this album. He just keeps getting more and more intense as it goes and it sounds really well with piano that drones along. This song went from one of my least favorites to one of my favorites

Track 14 Johnny Cash:
The instrumental is just absolutely amazing here. The angel sounding women in the background and the lone guitar mixed together really makes this some top notch shit. This is another slow burn type of song. It really does have slow pacing and rapping to it, but I really love how well it sounds. Album highlight for sure

Track 15 Have A Great Flight:
Another song that has some really dope and haunting vocals from Yelawolf. At this point I think it is safe to say that Yela is the best rapper that also sings currently in the whole genre of Hip Hop. No joke this guy has a pretty golden voice and it is great how he both sings and raps on his songs and it sounds naturally good

Track 16 Sky’s the Limit:
One of my favorite beats of the project is right here. The piano is so laid back yet it still sounds energetic somehow. Once again Yela switches his style between a dope sung hook and some intense rapping. I think I never realized just how dope his voice sounded rapping until this song. Also the lyrics are pretty amazing with him flexing his political knowledge on here

Track 17 Disappear:
Damn talk about a sad song. Somewhat reminded me of Last Good Sleep as far as subject matter goes, but that is a pretty weak comparison. I have to give props to Yela for putting something this personal on his album. The instrumental has almost a lullaby tone to it and once the strings kick in I get sad as fuck

Track 18 Fiddle Me This:
This was a pretty great way to end the album. It would have left you depressed had it ended on Disappear, but this ends the whole thing on a victory lap sort of feel. This is what I would imagine you would hear at a bonfire or a barn party or some shit in the south. This made me bob my head something fierce. The instrumental is awesome as well with that goddamn fiddle going hard

Final Verdict:

I initially thought that this was going to be a big let down after how long Yelawolf waited to release it, but in reality this went completely the other way than what I expected. This album completely blew me away. Nearly all of the production was amazing and did a great job of mixing country and rap instrumentals together. Yelawolf himself felt hungry on this release and had lots of dope flows and lyrics to go all over this thing. Obviously I got praise Yela for his singing which is the most amazing vocals I think I have ever heard from a rapper

The biggest strength of this release is how seamlessly country, rap, and a little bit of rock have all been merged perfectly in this album. There are still some cons to this project. The first two songs are decent but the album doesn’t really feel like it gets going till track 3. Also Box Chevy V feels a little out of place as well as the Eminem verse. Other than that this shit is golden

This is for sure in my top 3 rap projects of the year


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Love Story Album Review by Psyqonaut

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